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Should i move soon?
Star Rating - 7/21/2021
I might move here when i get older because of its culture and size
Christian | Skokie, IL
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- 8/3/2021
new york still sucks
filthy. deplorable. weak character. the people of new york aren't classy, they're not even...
Tully | Boston, MA | No Replies

- 4/29/2021
Overly ugly city, way too expensive, AND BORING!
I lived here my whole life, ugly city, rude people, even rude neighbors! Everyone is overl...
Jillian | New York, NY | No Replies

- 3/3/2021
Don't Fight The Last War by Moving to NYC
As our culture becomes more atomized, NYC - the singles capital of the world - is the show...
Joe | Chelsea - Village, NY | 3 Replies

- 2/17/2021
Don't Move Here...and Here's Why......
I've lived here my entire life and in the last year, since the moronic mayor partially def...
JOHNNY | Chelsea - Village, NY | No Replies

- 12/14/2020
The land of opportunity not quality
Born and raised in queens. if you don’t know how to hustle and aren’t prepared to work mul...
Eric | New York, NY | 2 Replies

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