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Be careful which area or zip code you choose to li
Star Rating - 8/31/2012
We moved to Coral Springs from quiet North Idaho a year ago. Culture shock, yes, but I am used to urban living, coming up from Seattle as a youth. Unfortunately, when you begin to choose the neighborhood you want to reside in via the Internet, you don't always choose the right one! Avoid zip code 33065!! This is important because the majority of crime in this town is in that zip code. There are certain blocks, or pockets of crime, where the police literally camp out daily. Unfortunately, we chose one of those blocks and as a result, my kids cannot freely play outside and I do not feel comfortable in my neighborhood. My daughters bike was stolen week ONE when we moved in. Here is what is important about living in Coral Springs: Choose to live NORTH of Wiles Road!! The farther north, the better!!!
Veronica | Coral Springs, FL
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Going by zipcode is misleading. The Hills is in the 33065 zipcode and this is probably the best neighborhood and school district in Coral Springs (I know, I live there). You have to decide what you want and then pick the right area. If I were forced to make a blanket statement it would be to stay from coconut creek because you're too close to the local dump. Most of south FL is cookie cutter homes on tiny "zero lot line" properties. Your choice is mostly between small cheap homes on tiny lots or large cheaply built McMansions on tiny lots. I really wanted an actual usable sized yard (almost half an acre, imagine that!) which I was able to find in the Hills (coral hills drive between sample on the south and wiles on the north). North of wiles is nice but it's more of the tiny yards and identical houses - though not the worst offender in that regard in the area (that would be coconut creek). At least those are not gated communities.. but then again, some people like gated communities (although your visitors will not and your belongings are no more safe because it's the kids *in* your gated community that are stealing things from your homes and cars). Coral Springs, overall, is a very very nice place to live IF you like south FL (and not everyone does). I would take it bar none over Margate or Tamarac. I have lived all around FL, including the panhandle. I prefer the slower southern feel of the panhandle, frankly, but Coral Springs is not half bad. I'd easily take it over the Tampa and Sarasota area (yes, I've lived there too).
Bill | Coral Springs, FL | Report Abuse

I currently live in NY and is planning to relocate somewhere decent in Broward County when I retire. What are the better zip codes in Coral Springs, Margate, Coconut Creeks? what is the average home insurance costs and property taxes?
Roland | Valley Stream, NY | Report Abuse
- 6/11/2019
The best city we've ever lived in
We live in the southwest corner of Coral Springs, Great area. Homes vary, gated and non g...
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Great Place to live
A beautiful multicultural city with plenty of parks, restaurants, and great schools. Close...
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I just read the stats on how many students per teacher. I want to correct the number stude...
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This is the best place Ive ever lived in my life!
Ive been around the countryand I must say Coral Springs FL is the bestplace in the counttr...
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over view
Coral Springs is a wonderful little city with beautiful shops and every kind of restaurant...
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