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Philadelphia is garbage
Star Rating - 9/25/2019
Lived in this crime-ridden, overcrowded, trashy, corrupted city for most of my life. First of all, when driving in Philadelphia—you will immediately know because of all of the pieces of trash on the ground either by passerby’s or idiot neighbors that are too trifling to throw out their garbage. Secondly, the neighborhoods are crime infested with asshole neighbors that will attempt to flatten all of your tires over a parking space (where they don’t live) that they was was trying to hold for a week and the useless asshole cops are no help whatsoever and never are unless their getting kickbacks from the drug smugglers they know or it’s another crooked cop friend of theirs. Thirdly, Roosevelt blvd is the worst place for driving, not only do you have fools in cars that can’t drive, but you also have Septa bus drivers that hit your car, don’t wanna take responsibility for their careless driving and you and your insurance have to pay for all repairs by yourself. Lastly, the clowns in city government pass laws that benefit themselves only, either with a soda tax, not having to pay for Septa accidents, stupid L & I nonsense (even though L & I should be concerned with collapsing buildings), not to mention that L&I hires people that was sued for corruption. Thankfully, I’m in the process of moving, let the scumbag filth have their city.
Real | Philadelphia, PA
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Philadelphia is a beautiful city full of history and wonderful neighborhoods. We love our sports and we take pride in being a hard working blue collar city. As is any big city, Philadelphia has it's problems, but the good outweighs the bad. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, I went to Philadelphia schools including Temple University. My mother and sisters as well as my father are all proud graduates of Philadelphia Universities and business owners in Philadelphia. We take pride in our city which is going through a revitalization. We have museums, music, art, entertainment, sports and the Country's fist Zoo. Here lies the birthplace of America, where the declaration of Independence was signed. Some of the biggest and brightest stars that hail from Philadelphia Including, Kevin Hart, Patti LaBelle, Grover Washington Jr, Hall & Oates, Bradley Cooper and the timeless Will Smith. This is a city full of cultured and hard working people who bleed green and we wouldn't have it any other way. The best universities are in Philadelphia, including, Temple, UPenn, Drexel, St Joes, Wharton, Fox School of Business, and many more. My city is beautiful and our Skyline is AWESOME. People here raise their families with values and pride and we have houses of worship on every other corner of every denomination. We are built on the countries largest city park and and our trolley cars date back to the 40's. Museums o'plenty, celebrating Jewish, African American, Italian, Chinese and many pother Heritages that make up this great city. I don't ask that anyone agrees, but I do ask that you respect the city, that was once the Capital of America, and the birthplace of All of Our Freedoms.
Melissa | Philadelphia, PA | Report Abuse

Since this website isn’t allowing me to reply to Melissa (probably someone from the mayors office) wrote a reply to my review of this shithole city, I’m going to write it here—Philadelphia ain’t shit, the city is filled with career criminals and most of them work for city government: L&I allows the buildings to collapse and slumlords to evade the building code because they’re too busy getting into people’s homes and ransacking them, stealing people’s possessions and then charging them thousands of dollars and if they don’t pay the city takes their homes (never mind the vacant lots filled with trash and debris and city property that’s dilapidated), the neighborhoods are filled with drug organizations that the police receive kickbacks from (the ones the cops protect & serve are their drug-trafficking friends and harass civilians), city council passed laws to help Septa not to pay for their accidents—while trying to extort money from whom ever car they hit but then brag about not having to pay for their accidents, the idiot mayors wants to keep illegal aliens that are violent criminals in this already overcrowded garbage city (their presence alone is criminal), the schools are trash—the teachers don’t teach and the schools have asbestos and all of the schools have low ratings—yet they want more money introducing a stupid soda tax, people are physically attacked everyday on these streets and no one does anything about unless you’re a politician or their family members. So don’t tell me anything about this raggedy ass city, you probably don’t even live in Philadelphia (probably a suburb—they’re always the type that ran out of Philadelphia but pretending to love it, that’s bullshit), if you don’t like what I posted then don’t read it—save that pro-Philadelphia shit for a cheap travel brochure. By the way, everyone saw how tolerant Philadelphia is during the mummers parade aka recieving government funds (that should be used to improve this garbage city) to throw a stupid parade of drunken idiots to act like fools in public.
Real | Philadelphia, PA | Report Abuse
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