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Pathetic place!
Star Rating - 11/29/2018
In a word? Creepy! It’s really rundown, a downright scary place. I just can’t see the draw to this place! Jobs are non existent. Auto insurance is doubled from where I moved from. Costs are sky high and fir the life of me I can’t understand why? This place boasts a cultural arts scene, everything looks to me like it’s been dipped in water and left out to rust. “Country Clubs” have paper signs in front selling at 30% discount? The mall is ok at best, the beach has white sand, yes but junkies galore here, it’s scary to go to Publix. It’s depressing, zero restaurants worth the bother to dine. Dirty, filthy town that I find it hard to believe anyone would want to live in. Can’t imagine where someone could lived yo find this a paradise. Can’t wait to leave here!
Jane | Sarasota, FL
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People who keep complaining about junkies and homeless in Florida definitely haven't been to Seattle or San Fransisco. It's not a Florida problem, it is a nationwide problem. At least in Florida you can have a license to carry and stock up to keep your home safe!
Jay | Boca Raton, FL | Report Abuse

Sorry, but I heavily disagree with this statement. Insurance is going to be higher because you're in Florida and there's a high risk of flooding and hurricane damage to your vehicle and/or home. Costs are high because, again, Florida. A fair portion of Sarasota and the surrounding area is either on or close to beachfront property. In no way is the city perfect, but your scathing description of the city makes you sound like an elitist, at which point there's no reason for someone to take your opinion seriously. You're entitled to it regardless, of course, but I do think that your description of the city is very incorrect.
Robyn | Sarasota Springs, FL | Report Abuse
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