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Star Rating - 7/5/2021
I lived in Sarasota for three years and I hated it. It's the most antisocial community I've ever lived in. Very unfriendly. I could cite multiple examples. Most people are transplants from the Northeast north of Virginia, or a military retiree. I'm 65 and a retired editor.
Rhett | McAllen, TX
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Interesting, I live in the NE, everybody I know is friendly here.
Homer | Mechanicsburg, PA | Report Abuse

I disagree with this assessment of ANTISOCIAL. We moved here 8 years ago from the mid-west and found Sarasota a VERY SOCIAL AND VERY FRIENDLY city. I have lived all over this country and say over and over that it's one of the friendliest cities I have ever lived. Sorry, you felt it was antisocial, you might want to look inward for that. DawnL Florida
Dawn | Gulf Gate Estates, FL | Report Abuse
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