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This place kind of sucks
Star Rating - 6/22/2019
Lived here about a year and cant wait to get out. Too many reasons why but just a few that I can name are:

1) Its got a poor economy and low quality of life. Alot of companies are leaving the triad area since skilled workers dont want to come here. There is not really much going on in terms of life here. All there is here are a bunch of chain restaurants, churches and big box stores all sprawled out that take a half an hour to drive to. The crappy apartments cost 800-1000 bucks for a 2 bedroom and anything decent your paying the same prices as you would in the Raleigh area or literally any other mid major city. Outside of downtown, there is nowhere to really walk around since whoever was the urban planer of this town was on drugs and didnt know how to build a town correctly.

2) The things that people brag about Greensboro just suck. The parks suck since they are desolate with tons of hills that are difficult to walk on. Cone health is one of the worse hospital systems I ever dealt with. UNCG is a mediocre school as well as all the overpriced colleges here. Harris Tetter is overpriced and so is Fresh Market. People here are not as friendly as people claim or are just really odd people.

3) Not much to do thats close by or see in other towns. Winston Salem and High Point are half an hour away but they are literally clones of Greensboro. The Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area is 1 - 1 1/2 hours away along with Charlotte but its just more of the same except slightly nicer and with better colleges (and im not a college student so to me its irrelevant). The state of North Carolina is a big labyrinth that all looks and feels exactly the same, its kind of terrible on the mind.

4) A hopeless town with no real future sadly. Lots of parts of town are run down and wont ever be cleaned up. I found it hilarious reading about how downtown is being gentrified but I fail to see whats being cleaned up since it still looks pretty run down. As I mentioned early, companies are moving out of here and nothing in the way of any new good paying jobs or any way to stimulate the economy is showing up. Sometimes they build a new store or how they are building a new performing arts center and it gets so overhyped when in any modern city its not really a big deal.

I moved here since my job lets me work from home and ended up renting some cheap apartment but I wouldnt recommend this place in any universe. Between the lack of anything really interesting to do, the off putting people, the overall dread in the vibe of the town, and how inconvenient it is to travel around town, I dont see it worth saving a few bucks to live here.

I didnt like North Carolina in general since so much of it is exactly like Greensboro but yeah, Id pass if your somewhat of a functioning person and think that its worth moving here. Just kind of a depressing place to be.
mike | Greensboro, NC
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