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Seattle the Beautiful, but Old & Moldy
Star Rating - 6/13/2007
Washington State is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Culture and dining in Seattle/Bellevue are great, and outdoor activities abound. The reputation for 300 days of rain per year is no joke. The clouds, high latitude, and tall trees leave many wanting for sun. Seasonal Affective Disorder (Winter Blues) abounds. People can be difficult to get to know more than on a polite basis. Compared to my native California, the pace of life is tranquil, the quality of life unbeatable. Although Seattle has a reputation as a liberal center, go fifteen miles out and you are in a red state. Edmonds is safe and beautiful, with excellent family activities; but the town itself is definitely retirement territory, and VERY slow to change.
MaryEllen | Edmonds, WA
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You couldn't ask for more during the summer. Water, mountains, blue sky and heat....
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