Review of Aurora, Colorado

Used to be affordable. Now overpriced.
Star Rating - 9/6/2020
It is ok. Not great. It used to be worth the cost (4/5 stars). The schools are mediocre, the people are hit or miss. People born here are friendly but passive-aggressive. Newcomers can be really awful. In general, people are people. There is no culture. Aurora is 100% a suburb. They tried to gentrify some of Colfax but the area near Anshutz is so bad it failed. Aurora mall is finally a sprawling strip mall that you cannot get shot at so that is a plus. The reservoir is great and usually not too crowded. Southlands is way too expensive. Housing, unless you have $1 million you will not own a home here anymore. If you do, you might get the Federal/Rino/Aurora special. Your native neighbor might turn out to be a former crip leader who kills someone in self-defense and you almost end up in witness protection. It happened to 2 people I know of. Gentrification and demand from the people who move here thinking they will get an equally high paying job as they had in WA, CA, IL, or NY pay outrageously for housing. Fyi salaries are still lower than the cost of living so no, you won't. Also, for that reason, you will see a lot of people move in and then move out, keeping housing inflated beyond belief. Prices on other goods soared before the pandemic. Prepare to struggle, even if you make > $60k. I've lived in the greater Denver area, made >$48k since college up to $90k + benefits and still don't have a house. Median housing prices are nearing $500k.
Andrew | Colorado Springs, CO
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