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Star Rating - 7/19/2020
I've lived here for 10 years, and I gotta say, it's easily one of the most overpriced cities I've ever lived in. The cost of living makes it not worth it to live here, you dont get much for what you pay for. High crime, minor gang activity, and dilapidated neighborhoods, especially in the north part of town. Stay far, far away from Aurora, or at least the northern part.
Caiden | Aurora, CO
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I've lived in Colorado for nearly 15 years and only a year in Aurora. My wife and I just purchased a brand new home in Northeast Aurora (Picadilly Rd) and in only 4 months of living here we've heard gunshots (regularly) coming from the older development across the street and often hear sirens. There are nice parts of the Denver metro area, but you have to spend over a million dollars (literally) to afford living in them. We spent nearly $650,000 on our home and still are all too close to the types of people who have little to no regard for the law or the safety of others. Needless to say we are not going to stay living here for long. Colorado and Aurora in particular has become a VERY undesirable and overpriced city laden with property/violent crime, homeless people and those who literally dump old furniture and garbage along its roadways. I can't wait to move!
Chad | Aurora, CO | Report Abuse
- 9/6/2020
Used to be affordable. Now overpriced.
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Pretty good bargain
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