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Star Rating - 7/4/2008
Weston is the new Boca Raton. A paradise located within a paradise (South Florida), that has A+ schools, a diverse community, is hurricane-safe, and zero crime. A residential Disney land perfectly located between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami.
Anthony | Weston, FL
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Please can anyone give me an update on weston? We live in Indonesia and we are planning to move to America for my teenage daughter schooling, Cypress Bay High school rated 10, it seems too perfect! Just wonder how is the community like, friendly? low crime rate? I believe the weather is hot all year long, but we used to it, excepts hurricane is my concern, also, we are mix race couple, would that be a problem? no offense! Basically, we are looking for place where is good to raise teenager,and of course, for our age too - over 50, anyone can suggest someplace other than weston is all welcome. Thank you all.
Jouie | Ogden, UT
- 4/14/2018
Flooding and Insect Problems
Part of the flooding problem is not just that the soil is unable to soak up the water bu...
Choolin | Weston, FL | No Replies

- 4/13/2018
Do not be fooled by the manicured landscape
Honestly speaking - Weston is not what is appeared to be. The place is beautiful but the p...
Choolin | Weston, FL | 2 Replies

- 6/11/2012
Great Place to Live
Weston is a beautiful city; very safe and clean, with excellent schools and beautiful land...
Maria | Fort Lauderdale, FL | No Replies

- 7/23/2009
My ENT says that FL is not the wise choice if you suffer from allergies. We have alo...
Potomtoo | Fort Lauderdale, FL | No Replies

- 1/12/2008
Weston in Florida a nice community
A master planned community, Weston in Florda is a nice place to live, but between the hurr...
margarita | Fort Lauderdale, FL | No Replies

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