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Hot Springs Village - The Best Kept Secret
Star Rating - 3/14/2010
I moved here 6 years ago with my 2 children. I thought we would only stay a year or two, but six years later we are still here and love it! The people are wonderful, the community is supportive, the beauty is spectacular! My children learned how to golf, can play tennis whenever they want, and the hiking/walking trails are fantastic. The community is always growing and improving all the areas of the Village. The 9 professionally designed golf courses, the 11 recreational lakes, 2 marinas, 3 beaches and 21+ miles of hiking trails, and wonderfully fresh air to breath. It is also within 30 minutes from Hot Springs, 1 hour from Little Rock, 4 hours from Branson, MO and 5.5 hours from Dallas. It's a wonderful place to live!
Donna | Hot Springs Village, AR
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- 11/19/2019
I should Never Have Moved Here!
The Village is governed by a corporation NOT a normal Mayor etc form of government. Manage...
Joseph | Hot Springs Village, AR | 1 Reply

- 9/24/2017
Beautiful, but limited things to do
Lots of activities in The Village, like golf, boating, events, etc. Not a whole lot to do ...
Zan | Dallas, TX | No Replies

- 4/25/2016
Hot Springs Village, AR is NOT the same as Hot Spr
After reading the information that is supposed to be about Hot Springs Village, it is clea...
Dee | Hot Springs Village, AR | No Replies

- 11/22/2015
We are very happy for people who have chosen to retire to FL, AZ, TX and other states. How...
John | Woodridge, IL | 3 Replies

- 12/24/2014
Tyranny @ its' worst
Manager Twiggs and four of his Board of Directors members are displaying" we'll get our wa...
Tony | Hot Springs Village, AR | 2 Replies

- 2/2/2013
We looked around for a retirement community ... an
Our travels around the U.S. were always with a view towards where we would retire. A visi...
Kim | Simsbury, CT | No Replies

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