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I should Never Have Moved Here!
Star Rating - 11/19/2019
The Village is governed by a corporation NOT a normal Mayor etc form of government. Manager(CEO) Leslie Nalley and her lackeys (Board of Directors) are destroying this once fine retirement area. She and the board members have apparently decided that they will fundamentally transform (destroy) our way of life. Lesslie Nalley is now one of the Highest Paid Mayors in the state even though the Population of Hot Springs Village is barely 14,000 people. She has a Salary that is HIGHER than the Governor of Arkansas. Her and the Board has passed legislation making it impossible for her to be fired requiring a quorum of 6 of 7 board members for termination. The BOD has doubled or POA (HOA) premiums in the last couple of years and with the type of deficit spending we are facing potential bankruptcy or HUGE increases in POA expenses. They passed the increases after being rejected several times by implementing a new Two Tiered system for dues. Leslie Nalley has fired board members who had a dissenting vote from her securing her No Fire Position.
We moved from Florida to HSV for the trees and lakes. H.S.V is in the middle of no where. We are 45 min from Hot Springs and 45 min from Benton and 60 min from Little Rock! NO JOBS HERE! CEO/Mayor Leslie Nalley has spent 500,000 dollars on a new master plan that's aimed at 30 years in the future! Oh Come On! What a Joke! And she purports that we need more money for infrastructure after spending $500,000 on some Bogus Plan! We have been here 6 years and have watched this place be destroyed by Bad Management!
Had we have wanted this, we would have moved to Branson, Mo.
Now we can't move were trapped. Property values have dropped the only people selling are taking huge hit's to Get The Hell Out Of Here!
And Yes, we have our share of crime as well.
I could go on and on but let it suffice to say.....
Want a trouble free area to retire-DON'T COME TO HOT SPRINGS VILLAGE Ar.
Joseph | Hot Springs Village, AR
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We too moved to HSV from Florida. We too love the lakes, mountains, golf courses, resort atmosphere, and the friendly people. If The POAs plan fills HSV with more active retirees, it will benefit us all. Already my sister decided not to move to HSV because of negative, alarmist press like yours, Joseph. The community requires proficient management, which we have: good roads, manicured golf courses, a new resort pool, tons of tennis, pickle ball, cards, churches, and medical.
Anne | Hot Springs Village, AR
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