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Star Rating - 12/13/2007
The prices of single family homes in Sarasota have dropped over the last 12 months. We found a great home at a great price and love it. There are some finally some excellent options for working professionals who want to live here!
Mike | Sarasota, FL | Send Message
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The housing in Sarasota is awful, I have lived here all my life,53 years and its never been more Expensive to Rent a home, I believe its to do with all the northern's moving here and paying the High prices... Its to bad this used to be a nice small town!
kim | Sapphire, NC | Send Message
- 7/15/2018
Sarasota Best Place to Live
I moved to Sarasota from Miami a few months ago and absolutely love it here. Very little t...
Marina | Bradenton, FL | 1 Reply

- 7/12/2018
After two decades, hardly recognizable. Quaint downtown is now canyon lands. Streets are s...
Sandy | Sarasota, FL | No Replies

- 6/5/2018
Great place - but expensive
I moved here in 2009 from out west. I fell in love with Sarasota when I was exploring whil...
Nancy | Sarasota, FL | No Replies

- 2/17/2018
Sarasota best place to retire..??
I grew up in the 50’s in Sarasota. I raised my family there. My two grown kidos are still...
Sally | Malibu, CA | 2 Replies

- 2/9/2018
Sarasota The Hidden Gem
Sarasota is in the Gulf of Mexico coast, about 68 miles south of Tampa. It is a beautiful ...
Andrea O'Brien | Concord, MA | No Replies

- 1/14/2018
Do Not Recommend
I have lived here since 2009. Sarasota is the most undesirable place I have ever lived. I...
Michael | Ogden, UT | 1 Reply

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