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Need a good job to live here
Star Rating - 10/20/2016
I have lived here since 1995. The cost of living here is way about average. The city has grown and housing, food, medical, everything has gone through the roof. Its great for college students, lots of bars and things to do. Housing now is around 350,000 and up and rent close to 1,600 a month. The wages dont keep up with the high cost of things. We own a home, and now worth a lot of money. We are looking to get out, due to the cost of living, and to many people and the traffic is so bad. 30 mins to go 6 miles, is insane. I think I have had my fill of this place, property taxes are killing us. If your thinking of moving here, you better have a great job that pays a lot. I dont think I will miss it to much. Great for raising a family, but with all the growth comes more crime and issues. No perfect place on earth, but I will leave it to the college kids and the ones who want to pay a fortune for a home here. Good-luck. Winters are cold.
C | Fort Collins, CO
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I agree with some of this, but not all. Cost of living and housing is high, wages do not keep pace with inflation in most cases. I don't think traffic is that bad nor do I think the winters are cold -- but I'm from ND originally so that might color my opinion of cold. I like it here a lot, a town with lots to offer to the young particularly.
Jane | Fort Collins, CO | Report Abuse

Rhonda from Seattle, i have no idea what your post has to do with Fort Collins, CO!
Patty | Riverhead, NY | Report Abuse

The cost of living is significantly less than Denver and Boulder. The only thing we are high on is housing and if you have been living here since 1995, then you should see that as a benefit if you own a home. Food and Medical is below the US and Colorado Average for cost of living. In fact, everything is below the US Average cost of living except housing. But that growth is due to great jobs and great schools. Zach Elementary ranked 3rd in the nation. Traffic is not bad at all. Average home prices are closer to 400K but the family median income is $85,464. Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 51.8%. Property taxes in Larimer County are half the national average, at an estimated 0.655%. Colorado actually averages the 4th lowest property taxes in the nation. There is no crime increase at all. The winters are not cold. Clearly written by someone with a bias.
Spencer | Fort Collins, CO | Report Abuse
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