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Don't Hate
Star Rating - 8/5/2014
All cities have a mixed crowd of people, Scottsdale is no different. Of course the old town bar goers are going to be young and somewhat obnoxious and the cougars at Sapporo make for interesting people watching but there are lots of down-to-earth people in Scottsdale as well.

Scottsdale has good schools, lots to do, sunshine, mountains, golf, and more. If you don't like what you're seeing, change your view. Try a new corner or restaurant. Move to a new neighborhood or subdivision. I've been selling real estate in Scottsdale since early 2000. I've met all types and can tell you there are more good people in this town than these comments seem to indicate.
Jeff Sibbach | Scottsdale, AZ
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How does the cost of living apts, senior living compare to Henderson nevada
Teri | Henderson, NV
- 11/19/2019
RED as red gets. (But redder.)
Pros: Livable weather 7 months a year, (Oct. 15-May 15), ample restaurants (though $$$$), ...
ima | Vancouver, WA | No Replies

- 7/30/2019
Born and raised here in North Scottsdale
Born and raised here in North Scottsdale, 29 years old, and you never get use to the horri...
Tyler | Scottsdale, AZ | No Replies

- 5/2/2019
Great for sports fans
I've only lived in Scottsdale for a little more than 5 years and I love it. First of all,...
Duke | Phoenix, AZ | 1 Reply

- 11/28/2018
Douchebaggery Gone Wild
I've had the misfortune of living in this sweltering cesspool for seven years now. I wish ...
Charlie | Scottsdale, AZ | 5 Replies

- 9/17/2018
Sunshine, Friendliest People, Best Place To Live
I have to say this is my absolute favorite place. While I love San Diego and parts of Cali...
Christina | Scottsdale, AZ | 1 Reply

- 7/29/2018
Worst "city" on earth
I moved to Scottsdale from Los Angeles - and then quickly moved back out. It wasn't just t...
Ivy | Los Angeles, CA | 2 Replies

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