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Cary, Raleigh and Apex, all suck
Star Rating - 4/20/2016
It's getting harder and harder to believe Forbes, sterling, CNN and etc choices so here let me help you. By the way, I know some would jump on defense. Use it as guidance, of the people who lives here..blop.
These area sucks!!! nowhere to walk and socialize with new people, restaurants mojo and excitement does not exist, is the same everywhere. Service is fake and mediocre. The mothers in Cary and Apex with sweat pants even at the doctors office. They own the roads with their gigantic vehicles at their own speed and brag about education which also sucks, probably cuz they are so busy doing nothing productive, but to waste massive time at PTA lamest school system where "no child left behind" it's implied and kids go to school with others physical and mentally incapable, screaming crying and etc. Lunches stink and are despicable. And you better drive to Raleigh for some fun cuz Cary and Apex suburbs lacks all, but to eat some nasty dinner and go back to your sack. Ohhh wait they all go to Tonys Oyster bar ha ha. But then feel like crap and run to Raleigh, the only strip to have some lights "Glenwood" with lots of kids, teens .......ha sure let the culture shock start. Sure this is a multicultural great place to live if you literally do nothing. Not to mention that summer is brutal and 1 of the top with allergies, your vehicle, front porch, panties, outdoor furniture and NY strip steak would grill with a butter of pollen. No wonder why is growing on craft beer, cuz there is ZERO to do here. That's why they all go to church ha ha. I can keep going but supposed to be just a comment.
Gaviota | Cary, NC
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I agree this is not a place for the bar-hopping crowd, or for those looking to "socialize with new people". In case you weren't aware, suburbs don't typically cater to that crowd. As with the other complainer, do your homework first about where you move to, instead of expecting an entire town full of people to change who they are and what they want, just because you don't approve. I really don't see how anyone can claim their long, self-centered rants as "guidance". Entitled doesn't even begin to describe some of these posts.
Chris | Cary, NC | Report Abuse

Please feel free to return to where you came from. Yankees and ungrateful intruders have ruined our beautiful Southern town.
Karen | Cary, NC | Report Abuse

I am a "yankee" and absolutely love it down in Cary. So sad that southerners have a bad impression from those of us up north.
Kristianna | Waymart, PA | Report Abuse

I am from the north or what is known as a Yankee. There’s enough of an uphill trek on the label for people such as myself without the negative critique. I enjoy the choice I made & if I wanted a carbon copy, I’d still be living there. Wishing you the best on finding a good fit. Just, please be respectful. I’m not sure how the internet has seemingly given licenses to beat one another down. But, it sometimes starts with where it originated. Each hometown is thankfully different with its own unique qualities. I’m interested to see how it develops, but definitely enjoying the journey. Sincerely, One yankee transplant
Denise | Cary, NC | Report Abuse
- 6/7/2019
All-around quality of life with increasing cool
Cary is up-and-coming “cool.” The downtown is revitalized and growing. The town takes urba...
Susan | Cary, NC | No Replies

- 9/3/2017
Nice place to live
I've lived in NY, CT, MA, and in Miami FL. Now here in Cary NC for the past 10 years. For ...
Marley | Cary, NC | No Replies

- 4/26/2017
Best place in Triangle
As a Real Estate Agent, I consider Cary the most central location in the Triangle, it basi...
Sharon Lewis | Cary, NC | No Replies

- 2/3/2017
Boring, desolate suburb..worst mistake ever!!!!
Coming from bay area & having lived in ATL, thought this would be a great suburb minus the...
Ann | Morrisville, NC | 3 Replies

- 10/14/2014
Don't forget about the beaches!
Cary, NC is a great place to live of course. I enjoy the museums and restaurants in the Ca...
Sherwood | Wilmington, NC | 1 Reply

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