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Boring, desolate suburb..worst mistake ever!!!!
Star Rating - 2/3/2017
Coming from bay area & having lived in ATL, thought this would be a great suburb minus the traffic for RTP Seeing great reviews, we took a leap...worst mistake ever!!!! Raleigh is a TOWN..not a city...hence, no zoo, no aquarium, no water park, no sports, etc. The suburbs with good schools are in Cary, Apex and Morrisville. Those areas have NO MALL except the closing Cary Towne Center and NO shopping expect for 2 Target shopping centers. To get to any big box retailer you will drive 20 miles+. Wake county is HUGE with an avg. drive time of 1 1/2 hrs to drive across so most drives to where you want to go are 30 min+. 64 people move to Wake County everyday....ALL from the Northeast(mostly NY) escaping the high cost of living and cold weather so there is non-stop demolition everywhere of condos and apts. However, with the lack of planning, there is nothing but housing..mostly 3 level patio homes without yards and apts. everywhere. To get a "home in the burbs" you need $500k+. All of the area is in the woods with the few parks here in the woods too. The closest water park is 25 miles away in Fuquay Varina and NO community pool or recreational area. There is one gymnastics place in our area and it's a joke in a commercial area garage . The Monkey Joe's in Cary closed up as did the MyGym and the Monkey Joes in Raleigh needs to be condemned. 1/2 of the schools in the area are year round which means you attend 9 wks and then off 3 wks ALL year long. The school assignments are constantly changing regardless of where you buy a house. Our middle school assignment changed in the first year from a 10 Greatschool school to a 7 in the old part of Cary. This place sucks and we cannot wait to move after less than a year. The good news is that if you are Indian, Morrisville is about 80% Indian with many rest. and shops. We are moving back to GA after spending a year asleep in this place. Hope this helps someone avoid what we went thru. Look at RTP on Googlemaps...few places in the woods and then look at all your main roads...NC HWY 55 and NC HWY 1613(Davis Dr) and NC HWY 54...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Ann | Morrisville, NC
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Please leave if you are so unhappy. Yankees not welcome here.
Karen | Cary, NC

You seem like a very miserable person. You need to work on your inner beauty and manners. We did not ask to be invaded by Yankees, Californians, and foreigners. Please go away and leave us to our boring selves! ??
Karen | Cary, NC
- 9/3/2017
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Never want to leave!...
Dan | Cary, NC | 1 Reply

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