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Star Rating - 1/27/2006
Englewood's location is great. Close enough to Denver to experience the city and not too far out in suburbia. There is a large variety of communities in and around Englewood so something for everyone. Cost of living is not the best and not the worst. The best benefit in my opinion is the proximity of hiking, biking, rafting, climbing, and seemingly limitless spots to pitch a tent. I don't have children but my neighbors do and I hear great things about the schools. There are many parks and open spaces too. I have lived in quite a few places, travel a lot and have to say that Colorado in general is a great place to live. It is absolutely perfect for me. I don't know where you are coming from but I would have to say that it is definitely worth checking out. Some things I don't like are mass transit and traffic. Mass transit is not terrible but it needs some work and they are working on improving it. Traffic can be bad because of "TREX" road work but the roads are getting a major overhaul. Compared to places like New York, Vegas, and places in CA, traffic is nothing so that also depends on what you are comparing it to. Best of luck and feel free to ask more questions.
kim | Englewood, CO
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Englewood as a town is merged, via its growth, with the south edge of Denver. In fact all towns, to the four cardinal points of Denver are merged, via growth, with Denver including Golden. Anyway, all surrounding towns are bedroom communities for workers who work in Denver. Somehow, the tax laws for business force business to be in expensive downtown Denver, forcing many workers to commute downtown and pay astronomical downtown monthly parking fees and parking tickets. In that regard, the Denver govt very hostile to workers.
cj | Littleton, CO | Report Abuse
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