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Star Rating - 8/20/2022
I moved to Houston from the San Francisco Bay area in 1991 after college but I have always had family here.
Houston is not what you think of when you think of Texas politically, it is a Democrat run city at all leverls of government and buts heads with the state leadership all the time.
It also is the most culturally diverse city in the nation, there isn't a ethnic background or religion that is not represented which is something that Houstonians are very proud of!! There have been numerous national articles about our diversity and calling Houston "the American city of the future".

It is an urban sprawl much like LA and we do spend a lot of time driving but the gas prices are much lower than the rest of the country, the nice thing about be the Energy Captail and home to the headquarters of 40+ oil companies.

Houston is also home of the world's largest medical center and is ranked as one of the best cities for Healthcare.

If you can't find something to do in Houston then you are not looking, there is always some kind of festival or parade, there are golf courses, water parks, museums, zoo, aquarium, the nation's 2nd largest theater district, etc, etc, etc We are also close to beach and 2 lakes.

Bad things are it is hot and humid during the summer and you will not have a white Christmas.
It can flood, you need flood insurance but since Harvey the county has really been investing in flood control which has really helped. When you buy or rent a home you do not to look at the flood zone, do not chance it

To the people who reviewed Houston badly, I say please get out and truly explore the city because you are really missing out.
Michelle | Houston, TX
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You must be reviewing Houston from a high rent district or suburb. Just because a person reviews Houston badly does not mean they did not get out and explore the city. Most are giving their honest opinion so please respect that. Many stay in Houston to be near family or have a good job or enjoy the low cost of living but people that commute everyday do spend a lot of time in their vehicles due to lots of traffic and construction. There are mosquitoes, frequent floods, sometimes a hurricane, dangerous for walkers and bikers and if you love outdoor activities Houston may not be for you. Price wise Houston is great. Houston has a booming economy, sports teams and many parks that are almost empty in daytime during the hot and humid months. I work outside so you can get used to it. If you love shopping and eating out and staying in air conditioned places you will LOVE Houston.
PJ | Houston, TX | Report Abuse
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