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Not a great place
Star Rating - 7/19/2022
There's definitely lots of jobs/economic opportunity. It's quite racially diverse if that's your thing. Houston has awful urban sprawl. Expect awful traffic. Hot as hell in the summers. There's nothing beautiful in Houston. Lots of restaurants, and there's communities for any hobby you might be into. Crime is supposedly high but I don't listen to the news. Floods happen. If you can be satisfied driving all the time and only going to businesses like bars restaurants, museums, theaters, clothing stores, malls, etc. then this might be for you. But if you want good weather, something other than a concrete place that stretches for miles and miles, and maybe some natural beauty, then look elsewhere.
John | Stafford, TX
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Thanks for giving an honest review of Houston. If you love to eat, shop and/or go to bars it's not a bad place. There are even some great churches and indoor gyms here. I have sat in traffic 3 or more hours everyday for years living in Southwest Houston and working in Northwest area and even spent a few nights on the freeway due to bad wrecks or waiting for floods to go down but most daycares will work with you on bad weather days and understand super late pick up of your kids. It's best to have a plan B, C and D for your kids pick up. There is always some stay at home mom in the area or lady from the daycare that lives nearby that will take your kids to her place until you get to them but have that planned ahead and don't worry we are all used to this. NEVER drive through a flood trying to get to your kids like I always wanted to. Most people here do come together during floods and bad weather days. Once the school principal and his wife took my son and other kids home with them until we could get to them 6 hours later. Besides the traffic, floods and hot summers there are a lot of nice weather days from November to March and people here are friendly. So come snatch up those big houses with huge yards at a great price or rent an apartment under $1800 a month or even $1000 a month in some areas and enjoy Houston.
PJ | Houston, TX | Report Abuse

Yes if diversity isn't your thing then Houston is not for you. You need to leave Stafford, you should have moved to the Woodlands or Kingwood where you have trees and lakes.
Michelle | Houston, TX | Report Abuse
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