Review of Hot Springs Village, Arkansas

Beautiful, but limited things to do
Star Rating - 9/24/2017
Lots of activities in The Village, like golf, boating, events, etc. Not a whole lot to do otherwise. HOWEVER, there are more things to do, 15+ miles south, in Hot Springs. If you don't mind driving "to town" for Wal-Mart, Lowe's, Bed Bath & Beyond, TJ Maxx, and a whole slew of fabulous restaurants, not to forget the race track and the baths..then you will love it. The Village is not a "walk to a lot of events" kind of place..more like "drive all over."
Also, at one time it was more geared to 65+, nowadays there are a lot more younger families with school age kids. Many people want to get away from kids, after raising their own..just be sure you research who your "neighbors" will be. How fun is it to hear your neighbors kids screeching all summer long???
Lots of "married couples," if you are single you may get dismayed, just looks for fun groups geared for the singles, and you'll have fun! careful..there aren't many good ones. Unless you are looking for houses priced at $200.0 and up, they don't really care to work with you. So busy chasing the "big deals" they don't really cultivate the AVERAGE priced home buyer. My parents had modest incomes, but could afford a DECENT place..I could tell the nightmares they went thru looking for a place to buy. Just preservere..also..look for NEW AGENTS, they will be hungry for business, and will treat you better!!
Zan | Dallas, TX
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