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Star Rating - 7/10/2010
My husband and I moved to Pueblo West two years ago. We had moved to Parker, CO, after he retired, thinking we wanted to be close to all the amenities that Denver offered. We loved the area but were frustrated in the choice of homes in our price range. We also got tired of fighting the traffic and crowds.
While searching for homes on the Internet I found several in Pueblo West that were attractive and affordable. Our home is a ranch style, stucco, with an unfinished basement, on an acre of land. I like this area because all the homes are unique and different. We aren't in a cookie cutter neighborhood where everything looks the same. People here are friendly, helpful, and hard working. The crime rate is low and utilities are reasonable.
It is hot (100+ degrees in the summer) so you have to put in a drip system and pay attention to your yard if you want anything to grow. If you are looking for a lush, green place with lots of trees, this is not it. We are on the high plains and it can appear quite desolate at times.
I don't care much for the wind. It can really blow and some days I wonder why I moved here. However, when I see quail, rabbits, and coyotes in my back yard, and the beautiful southwestern colors of the sunsets, I am reminded of why I chose this place. It is also nice to look at the sky at night and actually see the stars. Nearby Lake Pueblo is a beautiful place to go. We also have a wonderful library.
There is a large Wal-mart, Safeway, fast food places, and convenience stores.
You can drive to the city of Pueblo, which is about 10 miles away, for more shopping and places to eat. The Arkansas River Walk and the Sangre de Cristo Art Center are both worth visiting.
If I need more activities to choose from Colorado Springs is 40 miles North. I can easily drive up into the mountains from there if I need a change of scenery. Looking at Pikes Peak is glorious. (Pikes Peak is visable from Pueblo West).
Wages are low and jobs are hard to find so you may need a fixed (retirement) income to survive. If you don't have that be prepared to commute or work from home. I work in the "Springs" and with the mild winters it is not a bad drive.
New houses are being built and there are businesses moving in so it continues to grow.
It is a quiet peaceful place to live.

Tamara | Pueblo West, CO
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