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Star Rating - 1/11/2014
Wilmington proper is NOT a good place for anyone to live. It is crime ridden with a very detached city government. The housing in Wilmington is very low priced and for a reason, there is crime and poverty everywhere; you can't avoid it. You may find job opportunities here if you are educated professional as there is the Dupont Company, AstraZeneca and many banks, but be aware that the quality of life is just not what you would get in other areas. Nearby suburbs such as Chadds Ford, PA are nice and if you want true Urban life, Wilmington is on 25 miles from Philadelphia. Both of these places are on the north side of wilmington. I would not reccommend moving here for anyone unless you have an outstanding opportunity that you cant pass up like a scholarship or extrememly high paying job.
Christina | Wilmington, DE
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There is not crime and poverty everywhere. It is a problem in certain areas but there are still more good areas than bad. There is NO poverty and little to no crime in Highlands, Brandywine Hills, Westmoreland, some of the more expensive areas. Then there is Trolley Square, Union Park Gardens, Mid Town Brandywine... very good areas with more nuisance crime than any real crime. People need to remember it is a small, compact East Coast city. There will be crime at times, worse in certain areas, and you may see poverty. That's true of any East Coast city.
Jon | Wilmington, DE | Report Abuse

There is NOT crime and poverty EVERYwhere... Stop with the misinformed, lazy, elitist views. I'm not sure what your experience was/is with the city, but obviously not good. Maybe you took a wrong turn, rented in a so-so area, etc. But there is def not crime and poverty everywhere... Been to Trolley Square, Rockford Park, Union Park Gardens, Mid-Town Brandywine, Baynard Village?? There is not much crime and certainly not poverty. Are they problems in certain parts of the city? Sure... what city doesn't have it? Crime IS on the uptick, but vast majority is STILL concentrated in certain areas. Even Downtown is getting touched up here and there (was never crime ridden, but was/is a bit drabby). So you suggest Philly... Crime in Philly may be on the downswing, but they still have a lot of it up there. And you're right, we can't come close to their 'true urban life' but they are they 5th most populous city in the country, very walkable and connected very well by rail. Not many cities CAN compete with that. Look, my point is that if you're just going to judge the city based on your fleeting bad experience here or there, it is lazy, it is elitist... and most importantly for readers who want the 'real truth' it is INCORRECT.
Jon | Wilmington, DE | Report Abuse

There is NOT crime and poverty EVERYwhere... Stop spreading that lazy, elitist misinformation... Not sure what your experience with the city was/is, but I dare say there is not much poverty and crime in Trolley Square, Rockford Park, Highlands, Union Park Gardens, Mid-Town Brandywine, just to name SOME of the nice areas. Crime and unemployment are problems for the city right now, and I'll even give you that city government is somewhat detached (actually good word for it)... But to say there is crime and poverty everywhere is not only lazy, misinformed, elitist.. It's WRONG!
Jon | Wilmington, DE | Report Abuse
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Wilmington Delaware is the worst
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