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Bald Eagle gets no love from COW.soon displaced!
Star Rating - 10/13/2018
i was raised in waco tx and recently moved to country to get away from the drama and crime associated w living in waco.But it seems now the city of Waco has purchased land in my rural communtie to put a landfill that willhost 11 countys.This city council has no regard to the residents this will impact that live here.Most of these folks are farmers and ranchers.There is Bald Eagles currently nested there on property that will have no where to live.More details than I have time to write,Waco residents will suffer also,there will be a 83% increase in trash services and taxs.There is no concern to taxpayers money,they have no concern for what the rural community residents will suffer due to all the dangers of a landfill.They do not care about the enviroment, wildlife,people or taking ANY measures of helping to reduce the destruction of this planet.Bonus to add to this sad story is the only recycling center was recently bought by city of waco and now they have plans to tear it down to make more room for the fair grounds.meaning even more trash heading our way.Money is the only thing that motivates Waco city council.Im ashamed to have ever called this place my home.If i could sell my home and land for a fair price id leave but with this plan of landfill the value has decreased 20-25%,if i could even sale it.
robin | Mount Calm, TX
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