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Janice Rounsville
Star Rating - 7/24/2017
Waco is on my wish list to move to. Weather is comparable to So. California. Beautiful place.
Janice | Yucaipa, CA
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Waco is NOTHING like So.Cal. It has 35+ inches of rain a year…and that means storm after storm after storm. The summer is hot and humid without the rain. 3 months and no rain, but come September the rain-train starts all over again. If you are lucky enough not to live in an area that is on top of the limestone it might drain off…otherwise you have flooding. The house can be comfy if you can get the a/c cranked up! Waco has other things going for it…places to eat, places to shop, infrastructure, no smog to report, and some big companies moving in needing workers. BUT there is little to oversee construction of houses. It is bent toward the builder who needs NO license. Taxes are good which is why CA people want to get away. The liberals ruined the state of CA and now are leaving to ruin another state, and the conservatives are leaving to get away from the liberals and all their laws and taxes. Housing due to flipping in CA has raised the prices so steeply that if you don't own a house already you will be hard pressed to buy one. $350,000 for a shack. Literally! Water in my area near Waco is so full of chlorine you can smell it…backyard is a big lake when it rains…electricity goes off constantly in the thunder storms. The best part of living here is the people. Honest down home folk who care about you, care about their homes and their neighborhoods. They help one another, go out of their way to make sure you are okay. Need an errand, call a neighbor. They say yes ma'am and no sir, and know how to spell them, too. Polite to a fault. Honest to the core. Nothing beats living in an area with people like that! Cost of living here is 50% lower that SD. Homes are 1/2 as much. So don't come for the weather. You will be gone the first year. Come for many other things.
Catie | Lorena, TX | Report Abuse

You must not have spent more than a couple days in Waco if you think the weather is like California. Central Texas is horrendous for hot and humid weather. It's not comfortable at all except maybe in March and April. I'm wondering if this is what's bringing so may Californians to this state? They'll soon regret it.
Jerry | Pflugerville, TX | Report Abuse

I have lived in Waco all my life and I'm sorry but it is in no way comparable to so cal in regards to weather except two months of the year if that and no even then because of differences in humidity not to mention days of sunshine, rain, and many other factors. I'm not saying don't come here but don't come here if weather is your gauge when your living in California
J | Waco, TX | Report Abuse

I moved from So. Cal to Waco 2016. I was surprised that Waco is beautiful, green , and a nice place to live. Humidity is high at times, it rains more than So Cal, thunderstorms like nothing in So Cal, but the people are nicer, kids have manors, and the pros far out way the cons the Waco. Make the move and don't look back. Email me at and I'll help.
KEN | Waco, TX | Report Abuse
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