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Review of Dallas, Texas

WARNING: Think Twice Before Moving to Dallas
Star Rating - 11/24/2018
I was born and raised in Chicago and lived in San Francisco for about a decade when I found myself watching too many HGTV shows and seeing low-priced, brand-new houses with granite countertops, spacious master bedrooms, and walk-in closets. I grew up in a cramped townhouse in Chicago and as an adult in an even crampier apartment in San Francisco. When I had a job opportunity in Dallas, I dreamed of being able to do laundry in my home instead of carrying it over to the laundromat. I dreamed of being able to put my dishes in the dishwasher instead of having to hand wash my dishes because a dishwasher in a San Francisco apartment is rare indeed. I dreamed of having a car and a garage and ditching public transport. I was excited and ready to go. Flash forward two years later and I regret leaving my tiny, cramped San Francisco apartment. Yes, I got all the things HGTV made me dream of. But it could not stop the feeling of emptiness that overcame me when I moved to Dallas. Most people here spend their free time consuming; you can find them either at one of the many malls here or at one of the many restaurants located in the many soulless strip malls around town. Charm and character are hard to find in this city; in fact I've been searching for it for these two years and have come up with a few blocks in Deep Ellum and a few blocks in the Bishop Arts District and that's it. If you enjoy long walks exploring the town, you'll be disappointed because sidewalks either don't exist or are extremely narrow and in really bad shape. If you enjoy people watching, you won't find that here either. Museums are lacking as are the performing arts. So while you might find housing cheaper here if you're not careful you'll find yourself spending all that extra money trying to fill the void in your heart, that emptiness that comes from being in a town that lacks true life and culture. I have a beautiful home and a brand new car and if I could, I would give it all back just to be in my small apartment in San Francisco. I've made my bed so I must lie in it, but you dear reader, you still have a choice. Think twice about what you really want and what is really important in life. Hint: It is not material things.
Abigail | Dallas, TX
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I think you lose all credibility in your statement by saying you miss living in San Francisco. At least we don't have homeless people chasing us and we don't get taxed for send text messages. LOL
Connor | Dallas, TX | Report Abuse

I think it's hilarious that Californians think Texas has little culture. We have a vibrant southern culture that may not appeal to you. You say only deep elum was about the only place to walk around? Try a few of these: 1. Mesquite 2. Gun 3. Dallas Botanical 4. FT Worth 5. State 5a. The state fair has museums, Imax, and other attractions open all year. In addition, Lake Ray Hubbard has a steam boat with dining, Fort Worth Stock Yards for clubbing or walking, The Wax Museum, we have the original Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor, Drive in Movies in Ennis, etc. We are not California. Quite honestly, we don't want urban Californians here. However, you complaining about nothing to do or no culture is laughable and only shows your ignorance.
Larry | Mesquite, TX | Report Abuse

I agree ?? with your assessment of Dallas. Genuine people seem to be lacking there. Move further east to true diverse city such as Boston, Atlanta, DC
Yada | Omaha, NE | Report Abuse

I don't live in Dallas, Tx but I am a native (3rd generation) San Franciscan. Yes, you won't find a more beautiful, metropolitan City in the World than San Francisco. But if you were expecting that in Dallas...Come on. My family still lives there and I think they are nuts. The rents and housing cost there are just plain stupid; the house I sold in 1993 for $400K is now selling for over $2M and that isn't in the City that is Marin County. You sound very bitter and I feel for you, that is why my partner and I are moving again from Phoenix, AZ. We thought we did all our research; the truth is you don't really know until you live someplace. That is why this time we will pick our spot and rent for the first year.
ari | Mesa, AZ | Report Abuse

I couldnt agree more. Your post is well written and I resonate with it alot. I have lived here 10 years, I kept trying to make it work here because of the 'opportunity'. But there's more to life than lower than national average housing prices. I'd rather have a full and happy life, and thats why I'm leaving. I should have left a long time ago. I am finally moving next month.
FreeSpirit | Midwest City, OK | Report Abuse

Spot on. DFW is great from the economic and COL angles, but punches well below its weight with regard to public transportation, urbanity, scenery, and outdoorsiness.
ChuckT | Fort Collins, CO | Report Abuse

Dallas never had any "glue" to make my life stick there. I bailed after a little over a year. Couldn't stand it anymore. Agree with you about Deep Ellum. That was my favorite place to rock out. Shocked that a city the size of Dallas didn't have more social events going on either. Odd, hick filled place.
Angelina | Beverly Hills, CA | Report Abuse
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