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Portland...the cesspool of the Northwesthwest!
Star Rating - 4/30/2019
I've lived here now almost 30 years. This place has slowly declined to be one of the WORST cities to live or visit. Downtown Portland is nothing but a cesspool of druggies and homeless from all over the country. Other cities ship there homeless here because Portland officials don't "man up" and take care of the real problems downtown. Take a walk, if you dare, and see drugs beings used openly, prostitution, pan handling everywhere, homeless urinating and the local police officers just walking by and not seeing any of it.

I feel safe in NYC, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Miami, Atlanta then I do here in Portland. Hotels charging over $350 a night while having the homeless sleep in its doorways and panhandlers attacking you as you leave the place. Restaurants charging $75+ for a meal while you have to try to dodge all the homeless just to get to the doorway. I'm a VERY proud liberal person with good values, we just have the WORST politicians in place at this time. Those who say it's because Democrats are that way your wrong. Independents to liberal...your wrong. It is because Portland has LAZY politicians who don't give a dang about the city...period. Let's raise taxes to help fight mean for politicians to use that money for there greed.

Portland is a HORRIBLE city and I am embarrassed to say that I live here anymore. I was proud of it 25 years ago...that's gone!!! All those pot smoking freaks that roam our city and drug users that invade our streets......don't plan on visiting this place or much less move is as bad as any 3rd world country!!!
Eric | West Haven-Sylvan, OR
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Um, wow? You say you're liberal and you want tax-based help for the homeless, but you call them freaks? How liberal is that?! Maybe start a program in your community and use Kickstarter to fund it or something. I don't know. But calling people freaks because their local politicians don't care about them... That doesn't accomplish a thing. PS. I was all but actually born in Portland, and have spent many years of my life in that city, though am currently not living there. Have thought about moving back. The jury's still out on that one though - I'm not sure I want to live near YOUR ATTITUDE there! Ha!
J | Kennewick, WA

Hmmmm... Not entirely true. Stumptown,beertown,bridgetown is still a vibrant, caring city of diverse cultures and peoples living and working together in relative harmony. The homeless issue is not being addressed by our white privileged politicians living in the comfort of their upper middle class enclaves. They need to walk and talk amongst the citizens both working and unemployed. They need to prioritize habitual homelessness according to rank. Those bums who abuse the system need to be dealt with harshly. "No work, no play" Give them responsibilities or move on. Provide hand ups not hand outs. Designate strict rules camps. Sweep the squatters out.
Roger | Portland, OR
- 8/19/2019
Don't move here
Lifelong Portland/area resident, 40 years. Understand the city of Portland holds sway over...
Eric | Portland, OR | No Replies

- 8/11/2019
Racist as it gets.
I am disgusted that Portland is so racist, and so protective of racism. Oregon is the home...
Barry | Daphne, AL | 1 Reply

- 5/30/2019
Portland gets MY 5-Star Review! GREAT city!
After living in Texas hell for 20 years I moved to Portland, Oregon. It felt like I moved ...
Randy | Vancouver, WA | 3 Replies

- 4/25/2019
Take time to love Portland
Portland still has the small town feel and makes you feel like you're in a community. The ...
Anthony | Portland, OR | 2 Replies

- 4/6/2019
stay as Far Away as you can youve bee warned
i have lived here all my Life and it is time to leave the good and the bad and the happy ...
Justin | Gresham, OR | 2 Replies

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