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Not what I thought it would be
Star Rating - 8/22/2018
I have been here for three years. I have found it to be very over crowded (and getting worse by the day), and not as inexpensive as it first seemed. The only plan that the city planners seem to have is to get more and more people in without thinking for a second about the infrastructure that can no longer accommodate the population. Apartment buildings and condos (as well as houses) are being built at an alarming rate, but the areas that they are built in have the same police, fire, schools, emergency services, and post offices that they always had. We sometimes get our mail delivered at 8pm and on Sundays! Think the post office is overwhelmed?
The health care system is extremely overtaxed as well, it can take a month to get an appt. with a doctor.
Looks like it used to be a beautiful city, but that has gone by.
Don't even get me started about the traffic. The roads can't handle the population, either, and talk about idiot drivers! It is not a question of if you will get into an accident, but when.
After three years, I am planning my exit.
David | Charlotte, NC
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Your review is on point. If there is one tiny lot in downtown Charlotte, the previous buildings are razed, only to have new condo and townhouses built. Look at Dilworth; what used to be a beautiful part of town (and parts of it still are, don't get me wrong, but it is being ruined by the extensive building of condos and townhouses that look completely out of place, and ruin the character of this area. Never mind that some of the buildings are already being sold, and apparently are not able even fill their vacancies. Yet they continue to build more and more. If you bought a condo in the last couple of years, you will most likely lose money, due to competition of the new ones being built, so good luck with that. Traffic is tied up all the time, random road closings, and there have been times where it has taken me hours to get home from downtown, when once not long ago (few years) my commute took approximately 20 minutes. Now it takes twice as long. While the blue line is a great thing, the ability to use it is greatly reduced due to the fact that most stations do not have parking facilities. So if you live a few miles from the blue line, how are you supposed to get there???? No parking, and the bus lines are neither convenient, nor do they run on schedule. Never mind the random changes in the bus line, where schedules are changed,and some stations dropped completely. It seems to me that the "city planners" come up with good ideas, but don't think the entire process through, and figure out exactly HOW people are supposed to get TO the blue line train. They are mowing down beautiful trees that used to make this city a gorgeous place. Just think of the song "They paved paradise and put up a parking lot......" Yes, I've lived her over two decades and it is way past the time to get out. I work for one of the hospital systems, and they ARE overtaxed! Where are all these sick people coming from?? In my opinion, this is not a healthy city in any way, shape or form. What used to be a wonderful town is turning into an absolute nightmare. It's time to go...
MMM | Charlotte, NC | Report Abuse

If they ever get a full Light Rail System built in Charlotte that will help with the traffic, the problem is they are not planning ahead on the rail lines. Charlotte tends to wait until it's too late to start planning a new rail line.
Chris | Charlotte, NC | Report Abuse
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