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great city for those who live fast
Star Rating - 9/3/2017
l currently live in san jose. own a home here in the city. and have lived in santa clara county since 2001. so i'm definitely a person to listen to if you're thinking about moving here. ok - so the negatives are the traffic and the crime. and the cost of living. although san jose is safer than oakland and san francisco, cars get stolen here and every year it gets worse. the positives are lots of jobs, amazing weather, and so much to do. so as you can see, the positives equal the negatives. i have to say it's a great city. and santa clara county is the richest county in the country now due to the amazing wealth created by tech. if you work in tech, by all means come here. this place is a software engineer's dream. ironically we are moving to a quieter state because we have a 3 year old who will soon be starting school - but we won't sell - we will rent our house in case we decide to come back someday. anyhow - if you can handle the intense traffic and fast paced lifestyle, san jose is a great city.
m | San Jose, CA
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- 7/19/2019
Great place but expensive
I've lived here since 2000. Overall, it's great. Very diverse, and anything you could want...
cheryl | San Jose, CA | No Replies

- 1/23/2019
San Jose DOES NOT average 2 inches of SNOW a year
Whoever wrote the San Jose averages 2 inches of snow a year must have been kicked in the h...
Ken | San Jose, CA | 2 Replies

- 9/26/2018
I Always Want To Call San Jose Home
I've lived around Northern California and in Chicago and its suburbs. My goal was always t...
jona | San Jose, CA | No Replies

- 1/9/2018
Long-term resident of San Jose
I grew up in San Jose. More specifically Cambrian Park (south-west). I graduated from Gi...
Bruce | San Jose, CA | 1 Reply

- 10/8/2017
High tech haven
I have lived in San Jose' since 1983 so it would bode well to listen to my advice if you'r...
Ben | San Jose, CA | No Replies

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