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A place to call home
Star Rating - 10/11/2017

I find Memphis to be one of my top pics for a place to retire. I love the price of the homes in the area. One would not have to settle for less in this great city. The weather is good and the cost of meals, entertainment, dinning all fits in my budget. Looking over the employment salary rates are fairly reasonable and some career jobs are even higher than those of some on the east coast. I like what I see thus far but I do recommend you visit the area first before making your final decision.

Barbara | Shiloh, PA
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- 9/6/2021
I was mugged my first night in Memphis.
I was mugged my very first night in Memphis. They tried to take my iPhone. I was walking o...
Jorge | Memphis, TN | No Replies

- 5/24/2021
Beautiful City but crime and poor infrastructure
Memphis is a city with a history of civil rights, slavery , blues and rockn'roll music. It...
Patricia | Memphis, TN | No Replies

- 12/18/2020
A mess
Do you like being panhandled every 30 seconds? Love that cool ambiance of gangs? Are drugs...
David | Chattanooga, TN | 2 Replies

- 12/22/2019
It’s Memphis
I’ve lived in and also around the city of Memphis Tennessee since 94’ and it really has no...
Chris | Horn Lake, MS | 2 Replies

- 11/17/2019
Lack of Culture and Diversity
I lived here for two years for work. I’m from the North, and I was looking forward to mil...
Sharon | Vancouver, WA | 5 Replies

- 10/27/2019
Not for me
Didn't like it. People are not very friendly, which is surprising, since it's a Southern c...
steve | Albuquerque, NM | 1 Reply