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No Southern Hospitality Here
Star Rating - 2/1/2017
Low crime. Traffic not too bad even during peak times. Covert classim and racism. A stick with our own mentality. Not very diverse primarily just blacks and whites. Not very receptive to transplants. Food here is awful of poor quality. Rotten food sold in grocery stores and restaurants. Traffic appears more confused than anything delayed reactuon when signal turns green, improper turns, people just driving really slow or randomly fast only to end up not going any where. Not good healthcare, terrible ER's no doctors taking new patients lot of pain and walk-in clinics. People cutting in front of you to go slower than you were. Too much emphasis on Auburn and U of A teams. I mean really the whole Roll Tide thing is life or death which is just obnoxious. Plan on moving away when I am done with school not a progressive place I would settle down in.
Co Co | Harvest, AL
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I've lived in this area for a few years and I have never seen rotten food in the grocery stores or served to me in a restaurant. The ER is about the same as anywhere else a and I haven't had a problem finding a doctor.
Ordinary American | Madison, AL | Report Abuse
- 1/10/2017
Madison is nice for raising a family, but gets bor
Madison is nice. The schools are excellent, which is why we chose to live here. The job ...
Ordinary American | Madison, AL | No Replies

- 4/12/2015
Madison is a nice place to live
We moved her about three years and we like it. Traffic on 565 isn't too bad except for ru...
Ordinary American | Madison, AL | No Replies

- 1/15/2015
Very Little Crime
Just outside of Huntsville, Madison is a smaller city and has a much lower crime rate. I ...
Tima | Madison, AL | No Replies

- 8/20/2010
Good place for young family
This is a good city to raise a young family. Good schools and parks...
Joanna | Madison, AL | No Replies

- 2/26/2010
Madison in a Nutshell
Have been living here for abt 1 year now. Originally came from Florence AL, where i lived ...
Rebecca | Madison, AL | No Replies

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