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Lovely place, paradise! However...
Star Rating - 3/11/2010
This is an almost magical place, small but full of so many things.

But it isn't a place for a working person to find sustinence.

The worst part is not the lack of jobs, but the nasty Northeasterners who have moved here. You might be enjoying a quiet day at the beach and hear them yelling at each other like barking seals, shattering your meditation.
A few of the businesses are full of their rudeness as well.

If you move here, or visit, be pleasant and enjoy.
tara | Phoenix, AZ
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I'm a 'northeasterner' and your insult was totally uncalled for. Judging by your complaints, you're not very flexible with life in general and seems you can't find what you want. Go back to your 'wide open spaces' and meditate with your rattlesnakes, unless, of course, they are too loud too. Clearly your 'meditation' isn't working well for you.
L. | Myrtle Beach, SC | Report Abuse

as a new yorker, I find your comment RUDE!! go mediate somewhere else! WOW - "northeaasterners" are not loud mouthed....that was really uncalled for!!
Kym | Atlanta, GA | Report Abuse
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