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Cool visit but I'd never want to live here
Star Rating - 1/25/2019
My unbiased review. From a guy born and raised in Dallas. Las Vegas is a shock when I first saw it from the plane. I'm used to flat land, country music, and the Dallas Cowboys. Anybody from Dallas or have ever been. You know there's NOTHING out there or in TX period that looks like Vegas. However Sin city is exactly what it is. I'm walking down the strip and I'm getting handed literally porn flyers. So it definitely not a city I'd recommend taking children. 2nd hand smoke is a SERIOUS issue here. The people I've met here are friendly. Some are very rude. Lyft drivers are from all over the USA and the world I guess. Will tell you about their lives and the Lyft driver today that took me to Walmart. I just asked if he was from Vegas. He asked WHY?! WHY?!!!! I'm like ooooookay I'll keep to myself. He picks up a girl across the highway which has apartments and town houses that looks like desert slums. Very poor, old and run down. I take it there's a lot of racism here because people here look at you as such to let you know they don't like you. When I got dropped off at the local Walmart. I hear a white guy with tattoos on his face say those Mexicans this and that. They have a spot in the freezer area that says
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Texas is no picnic, no walk in the park, no day at the beach...
Edmund | Spring Valley, NV
- 1/6/2020
It's Vegas.....
If you like crowds, overpriced gimmicks, rampant prostitution, greed, scams on every corne...
Lisa | Henderson, NV | 1 Reply

- 7/16/2019
Vacation is good and lived is suck
I was child in 1984 moved from California. Honest with you vacation is best but not for ki...
Amber | Las Vegas, NV | 1 Reply

- 4/4/2019
It’s hot, windy and too much crime
we moved from the Bay Area almost 4 years ago. We live in the lakes, and it’s nice for wal...
Mandy | Las Vegas, NV | 3 Replies

- 3/16/2019
Great plyace to live!
I am originally from Sothern California and moved to Las Vegas in 1991. In 1998 I moved t...
Cheryl | Ormond-by-the-Sea, FL | 3 Replies

- 3/10/2019
Horrible-Must Read
I’ve lived all over the world-literally. Most of my life in Europe but also New Orleans, L...
Lex | Spring Valley, NV | 3 Replies

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