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Extreme Housing Shortage in Boone NC
Star Rating - 4/23/2009
Yes it is beautiful and yes the value of education at ASU is great but they don't tell you that the University kicks you out of the dorm after your freshman year because they accept more students than they can house. The local people take advantage of these students and their familys by charging extream rent to these young people. It is shamefull and the University is not doing anything or even trying to help. Yes they have a web site but all that is is advertisement for the renters who are preying on the students. Its all about greed. What a shame such a beautiful peaceful town with such a rich history and culture has become fodder for vulchers.

I hope you do a story on this. I have lived in NC all my life and know many who have attended this fine university but after the rest of the US took notice of this beautiful place when APP State won the football championship It became caught up in the greed of todays society. I am a single mother who has one child at UNC-CH and another who is a freshman at Appalachian. We have been looking for an apartment for months now. If you are intrested in more info feel fee to contact me.

Reena Strickland
Reena | Asheboro, NC
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