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Bad. Just Bad.
Star Rating - 3/4/2020
I want to convey an accurate picture of Eureka but realize I can only paint a picture of my experience. I have not had a positive experience here. The rent is comparable to S. California and I honestly do not know why or how homeowners can justify asking for so much. I suppose that HSU students and the weed business create a demand. But for those of us who live paycheck to paycheck (if lucky enough to find a decent job). It took me a very long time to find sustainable employment. I have kids in the school system (which is decent in Arcata), so I am stuck here until they graduate (as they have bonds with their friends).
So that is something good I can say, Arcata has a good education system and my kids like it in Arcata. Their dad owns a home there so they don’t have to deal with Eureka much. We get out of here as much as possible or isolate inside to stay away from tweakers. My car has been broken into 3 times, my nieces’ car was too. They smashed in front car window and stole all of her CR schoolbooks and homework. And get this, our stand-up basketball hoop was stolen from outside. I scrimped and saved for that so my kids could play. Sigh.
I live in a nice house and I absolutely love my landlords. That’s another plus- you find a few diamonds here sometimes.
Sadly though, there is a huge drug and homeless population as well as those who need intensive psychiatric help. Unfortunately there is almost no help for those who seek it.
I am taking the time to write this because I someone was in my back yard last night and tripped on something hahaha I had to call 911.....again.
The city won’t put lights on the street so anything goes here. Don’t be fooled, this is hell in earth.
Beccca | Eureka, CA
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Have you ever been to southern california? I pay 800 for a roomy 2 bedroom apartment in eureka, still expensive compared to other parts of the country but i'd love to know where you can find that down south.
Jc | Eureka, CA | Report Abuse

Dear God.. well thanks for the insight. .wow...thought SoCal was depends where. Have a slam dunk for a position with State but this spooks me..esp. have no big dog anymore. bummer..take care.
Randy | Redlands, CA | Report Abuse
- 7/2/2020
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