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Best city in the world! (for me?)
Star Rating - 9/26/2020
Of all the places in this country, I have decided to move to St. Louis. It just seems like a wonderful place to live and call home. I found the cutest loft downtown for $100k, right in the heart of Washington Ave. It is right on top of the coolest bowling alley I have ever seen (flamingo bowl).

I am the world's biggest baseball fan and now I can walk to "baseball heaven" in less then 15 min. I go to Catholic church a lot and downtown has two of the most beauitul churches anywhere! They are Vatican city Rome nice. I can take evening walks right down my street to historic Leclede's landing or the casino, I got my own national park 15 mins walk. If I walk the other way the most awesome fun museum ever (city museum) and the fox theater. Walk the other way, Enterprise center and opera house to watch some world class hockey and cultural events.

Free (and gorgeous) public library .2 miles away, sculpture parks, historic courthouse, the most awesome train station ever with aquarium. Soon to be a new soccer/xfl stadium with even more fun stuff. Bars, clubs, restaurants and nitelife everywhere. The biggest river and great bridges etc.etc.etc.

That is just my walking neighborhood! Lots of people say it is'nt even the best one. I got a train (and bike) that will take me to a lot of other cool spots. It is like Disneyland, you got downtown land, forrest park land, soulard land, tower grove land, delmar loop land, the hill land, etc. etc.

Such an interesting place, it is not east coast, not west coast, not Europe, not the south, or north. It is an awesome combination of all that and more. With the best baseball/sports fans and very very affordable.

I'm changing the nickname from the gateway city to the ugly duckling city! Such a beautiful place that does'nt realize it. Just a few of the reasons I choose STL over everyone else.
Dwight | St. Louis, MO
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