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Star Rating - 11/10/2011
I have lived in 14 different locations, in 10 different states in my adult life, on both coasts, in the south, and in the cities, suburbs, small towns, and rural areas. So it really means something when I say that Moscow, Idaho is my favorite place I've lived.

I've only been here about 4 months, but from what I can tell this town has everything. Between UofI and WSU there are plenty of amenities and activities (lectures, concerts, festivals, etc). But Moscow doesn't feel like a college town, with unkempt lawns, loud parties, or teenage thugs roaming the streets.

Housing is affordable. There are plenty of shops and restaurants, both local and chain, to choose from. Crime is low; I feel safe anytime of night, anywhere in town. Traffic is non-existent. Honestly, my wife and I have both remarked how Moscow feels like a town out an 80s sit-com. It's the kind of place where you talk to your neighbors while your kids jump in a pile of leaves.

The weather so far has been lovely...the summer was mild and dry, but I'm sure my rosy image of this town will soon be buried under 2 feet of snow.
Tom | Moscow, ID
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- 6/25/2015
Heart of the Arts? Try Heart of the MOLD.
For a small town, Moscow (say Mos-coh, not Mos-KOW) isn't really that bad. It is ridiculou...
J | Moscow, ID | No Replies

- 2/4/2014
Not enough for kids to do & expensive to live here
Housing is very expensive compared to other areas of Idaho. Expect to pay upwards of $22...
SARAH | Moscow, ID | No Replies

- 7/7/2013
Tom Thank you for your detailed comments on Moscow, ID, esp. the climate. We are in t...
Janice | Roswell, NM | No Replies

- 5/25/2013
Update on A Newcomer's Perspective
After initially expressing some trepidation concerning winters in Moscow, I've now lived h...
Tom | Moscow, ID | No Replies

- 2/11/2013
Lock you bike
After living in urban areas all my life, this place is like no other. It is like going bac...
Patrice | Moscow, ID | No Replies

- 10/29/2012
A great place to live for college students and fam
This small college town offers a unique sense of community, a variety of year-round cultur...
Tim | Moscow, ID | No Replies

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