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VERY, VERY, VERY underrated
Star Rating - 6/6/2018
I absolutely LOVE this city!

And would put this in my Top 10 cities in the country easily...

No order:
-New York
- Los Angelos
- Washington DC
- Chicago
- Seattle
- San Francisco
- Atlanta
- Minneapolis
- Boston
- One of the Texas top 3 (would be LAST)

*Again, that list is no particular order and I am a "Texas native".... so i am a little "biased" towards the Texas cities but

I absolutely love Minneapolis

- INTENSE, deathly winters... they are VERY, VERY intense here! I own a newer convertible and don't drive that one up when I am in Minneapolis winters because it simply will NOT survive! The coldest winters in the country BAR NONE!!
- "In or you're out" type mentality... I will get to this later
- Can be a pretty expensive city with all the taxes and having to pay/prepare for winter weather.

- amazing live music scene
- excellent location for if you wanna travel to other states to see family
- very good, DISTINCT neighborhoods
- very, very Urban and incredible architecture
- always something going on

So the big negative I hear from most others is of the "Minnesota (N)Ice"... Well honestly, it's an "in or you're out" type of thing. Minnesota is OBVIOUSLY heavily Scandinavian lol. So they will either "accept you" out the bat or dislike you and you can generally tell.

An example was, on my VERY FIRST day in Minneapolis I was invited to someone's house to watch a ballgame. I've heard different stories, but my experiences have always been VERY, VERY positive actually with Minneapolis and Minnesota as a whole. Also I am NOT a Vikings or Twins fan so that is also suprising. But I have always been "in". I missed my time going ice fishing, to Twins games(not a fan of them), going boating, hiking, etc. It's definitely a pretty "exclusive" culture, but once you're "in" they are your friends for life. That's just the culture there.

So what that means is... you will either be "in" and have the time of your life and have made the BEST DECISION of your LIFE. Or it will suck... lol

I'm white btw.
Justin | Nashville, TN
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Jay I think it's worth it... This is an "in" or "out" city/state. Either they will like and "accept you" or not. Just know that...But depending on where you are in life, how "grown up" you are, and your hobbies (i.e. sports, working out b/c this is a VERY VERY fit metroplex, social skills, etc) For me it was a little different as I am from Texas originally but i've always fit the "Minnesota handsome" stereotype honestly and most people within the MSP metro actually think that I AM ACTUALLY FROM Minnesota lol which is funny. I feel that a lot of people go "in between" these states a lot: Texas <-> Minnesota <-> Arizona <-> California (just an FYI) As mentioned before you MUST be ready for winter, so have a winter car (or a housing setup where you can not drive in the winter months), lots of winter set clothes, shoes, hockey gear, etc. I think in MSP, you'll need "at least" $70,000 to have a fairly comfortable lifestyle in the Cities as it is NOT a "cheap" metro to live in. So, you didn't disclose your income but that is my take... Couple of the negatives people have said, are actually POSITIVES in my opinion... There are a LOT of natives who grew up there...went off to college/first professional job(AFTER college) and then RETURN to the cities... Some people may view these people as having limited exposure, narrow mindedness, etc...that's actually the OPPOSITE imho considering the fact that Minnesota BORDERS Canada and has a TOP 10 (easy) airport in the country. It just proves one thing... They loved/missed MSP so much that they eventually moved back. (You'll notice something VERY SIMILAR in Charlotte, NC too btw). This actually helps with the uniqueness, personality, charm, "genuineness" of the city IMHO; because people here have a sense of pride in their city(i.e. like a "hometown pride" type of thing). I always loved that about MSP. Most people you will meet within the cities grew up and have lived there all their lives. They've traveled and gone off for college but came back... but that gives the sense of "community" that most other big cities don't really have. Does that make sense? But the downsides again: 1) VERY, BRUTALLY, LETHAL winter cold 2) NOT cheap... you will need AT LEAST 70,000 (I personally think around $100,000 is safer) salary 3) They will either "accept you" or "not" 4) a lot of people will snowbird... which is actually in my long term plans between MSP and like Scottsdale/Phoenix ... pretty common actually
Justin | Nashville, TN

I am a young single male (white if it matters) in my early 20s. I have a job opportunity that i might get in this city. Is there a good dating scene for people my age here? And how will I fare financially with an average income? I dont want to struggle financially so i can enjoy this new place.
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