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Pros and Cons from someone who's lived here 2 year
Star Rating - 1/26/2008
Having relocated here in the past two years, let me give you a list of pros and cons about Pueblo West:


Close to recreation, Pueblo Reservoir is gorgeous and has camping, boating and swimming all at very reasonable costs;
Mild winters with very little snow;
No humidity;
Housing is very affordable;
Lower property taxes than most other places;
Shopping close and convenient;
People living here are laid back and relaxed;
Retail stores and people are moving here and the community is growing.

If you want a job that pays decent money and is not in the retail sector, you will need to commute the 40+ miles to Colorado Springs. Most jobs here pay $8-$12 an hour unless you can find something in sales;
The wind - it gets windy a LOT here. TOO windy;
Scorpions - little brown ones that get into your house and nothing kills them;
School system needs improvement - 2/3 of my daughter's kindergarten class is behind and her school's overall academic rating is declining;
Dogs off leash and running loose are a huge issue. No leash law here, and lots of people just let their dogs run loose.
MamaM | Pueblo West, CO
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