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Don’t move to st.pete
Star Rating - 4/6/2018
I’ve been raised in st.pete all my life An I finally moved out of st.pete
Amber | Valdosta, GA
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It’s supposed to be paradise right?? all the humidity bad infrastructure causing flooding when there are storms and not enough bug control .... can’t sit outside as the sun goes down because you will be eaten up by mosquitos and no seeums. People taking a vantage of the housing crisis increasing rents where they don’t pay enough wages to begin with in the area. Building condos for the rich that do not work here. Then you have students everywhere downtown because of SPC and USF trying to get through school and make a life for themselves where are they supposed to live with wages they get after school ????? Every city has its problems. It is definitely not paradise .
Private | St. Petersburg, FL
- 12/28/2019
Amazing, beautiful, progressive, growing city!
2 star review? Unbelievable. St Pete is exponentially changing. I moved here 2 years ago...
Jesse | St. Petersburg, FL | No Replies

- 12/11/2019
as a white non Hispanic 21 year old man I moved here after the military and this place us ...
Josh | Salem, IL | No Replies

- 10/12/2019
A nice place to move....from.
I lived in St Pete for 2 years, and it was a mixed bag. Visually, the place has a very bea...
steve | Albuquerque, NM | 2 Replies

- 2/2/2018
Not Quite What It Seems
St. Pete wants to present itself as a cool, hip liberal town that is 'open for business.' ...
Joni | St. Petersburg, FL | 4 Replies

- 1/28/2017
Something for everyone
This website is saying every town I look at has a decline in Real Estate value. That is n...
Diane | Madeira Beach, FL | 2 Replies

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