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Star Rating - 6/26/2012
For starters I'm an African American, I'm a military veteran honorably discharged , I'm a tax payer and new home owner I'm married with 3 children. I'm from Chicago illinois. I've been living in Texas for five years now.. and for the past 3 I've lived in pasadena.. I can honestly say I've never dealt with as much racial profiling as I have since I've been living there. Repeatedly getting stopped and harassed by the police to and from work. Ive never had a criminal history or even been treated like one. Until now.. although I still dont have a background I'm treated like I do.. which is completely wrong and unfair.. its hard to believe that this is the country that so many people risk thier lives for no matter what race.. I strongly urge people to let it be known how these police are and request some sort of investigation to be done.. if you want proof of what I say just go to any municipal court in pasadena or south Houston and you'll see.. nothing but minorities.. and i know we aren't the only people in pasadena.. it sucks

john | Pasadena, TX
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I've lived in Pasadena, Texas my entire life and its dad there are so many prejudice people and ignorant people around. I'm very thankful my parents didnt bring me up in that directory! I walked into a place and overheard someone staying how prejudice they were, I proclaimed I want and was told to leave. it's a bit better now, I hate it has a reputation like this. There are many of us that never believed this way and I was so happy to see that KKK building on Red Bluff dissipate. I'm sorry for the problems you've had in this little town... and thank you for your services in the military!
Betty | Pasadena, TX

I’m not questioning the validity of your post at all. My comment is that I beleive the % of minorities in PASADENA dwarfs that of caucasians if that’s what your referring to so everywhere you go it’s primarily minorities. I’m white and most places I go in Pasadena I’m the minority by a long shot.
Scott | La Porte, TX
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