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No place like Home
Star Rating - 11/16/2019
I've lived in Clevland all my life. 40 years and I have only lived on the east side of Cleveland. From St.Clair 105th to St. Clair E185th st. I live near where most of the crime takes place. Because of God's grace, my family and I have not been a victim of any crime or have never witnessed it. I love the Collinwood area the most. We have a brand new rec center a beautiful library and close neighborhood stores. when I am unable to drive everything is so close that I can walk. The school systems are not too bad as long as you put your child in a charter school. we do have great arts like broadway shows, sports, museums, animal farms, live concerts in the summer at the beach. I live near Euclid beach and I too couldn't stand the filth. They have cleaned and remodeled our beach as well. They have live concerts for free every Friday in the summer months. And it's very peaceful to just take a walk on the beach. I used to hate Cleveland because of the winter but I've been down south and all around and I realize there is no place like home.
Tenisha | Cleveland, OH
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I grew up on the west side, W.117th and Lorain area. When I was a kid Cleveland had a population of 750,00 now it is 390,000 wow talk about white flight. The Kamms corner area is still nice for the most part, the Irish Catholics have refused to move, they send their kids to Catholic schools.
teri | Cleveland, OH | Report Abuse

Hi I am considering moving to Cleveland Ohio soon. I want to be near transit in Cleveland, Ohio or close to it. Can you please offer suggestions? Going to look for a job. Thank you please respond to
Nancy | Austin, TX | Report Abuse
- 6/2/2021
Review on Cleveland Ohio
I have grow up in Cleveland lived in Cleveland Oh my whole life and can't warn anyone enou...
Anonymous | Cleveland, OH | No Replies

- 5/6/2021
Cleveland is a hidden gem
I am originally from New Jersey. lived in Pittsburgh for 10 years and have now lived in C...
Anthony | Cleveland, OH | No Replies

- 4/24/2021
Cleveland is an unique city - We love it
Beautiful city, diverse, authentic and excellent amenities/entertainment. My favorite part...
Luis | North Olmsted, OH | No Replies

- 3/5/2020
Indians need to sign Lindor
Ok, Cleveland can be at least as good as Milwaukee if the Indians can pony up 215 mill and...
Mark | Newark, OH | No Replies

- 10/19/2019
Cleveland isn't so bad, at least it's not Detroit.
I grew up in the Suburban Detroit area, and relocated to Cleveland after college. I have ...
Lyric | Cleveland, OH | No Replies

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