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Where is the money?
Star Rating - 3/24/2011
The school system is ranked so low nationally. My experience with the Biloxi School District explains this. The school board answers to no one and have no desire to listen to parents. The cost of living here is reasonable but wages are ridiculous. The city even has put employees on furlough. Where is the money? Politicians seem to be the good old boy network. The city is filthy, with trash all over and what seems to be a ever growing homeless problem. Needs drastic change. No wonder everyone pitied me having to move here.
Bp | Biloxi, MS
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When I was a kid going to school back in the 60's the schools were awful. I remember correcting my English teacher several times on her spelling and pronunciation of several words. Her name was Ms. Hathoway from the middle school in Biloxi. I got sent to the principal's office because of it. Hopefully the teachers have improved.
Cindy | Franklin, NC | Report Abuse
- 4/20/2012
Nice place with crazy drivers
I have lived in Biloxi, for roughly 2 years. However I have been to Biloxi on and off for ...
no one | USAF Academy, CO | No Replies

- 5/30/2011
Great Place to Live!
My husband is in the military and we recently moved to Biloxi/Gulfport area from southern ...
MrsBrooks | Biloxi, MS | 1 Reply

- 3/9/2011
I have only lived in Biloxi for about 7 months, me and my husband are newly weds and just ...
Mary | Biloxi, MS | No Replies

- 2/28/2008
I live in ocean springs and housing on the gulf coast is high.Home insurance since katri...
GUSORD | Ocean Springs, MS | No Replies

- 9/25/2007
After Katrina
The aftermath of Katrina is getting further away in the rearview mirror. Biloxi's casinos...
Kathy | Ocean Springs, MS | 1 Reply

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