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quality of life
Star Rating - 1/26/2007
Pasadena has a very poor quality of life especially for seniors. Our $120,000 property which was once beautiufl has been over-run by ill-legal immigrants where they have 6 or 8 cars thar are paked in the yards.
Some Mexicans are living out of the garages and they have actually parked boats and motor homes and people are living out of the motor homes and the houses parked in the drive way. Altough all deed restrictions are again'st this the city is not enforcing the code in any way. These are supppse to be single familes but a number of different people are living in them which is agiain'st all deed restrictions. The young people walk their pet pull dogs in the evening to scare the seniors. People have put up business signs and have business going out of their homes which again is not in the deed restrictions. If you try and talk to anyone at city hall no one will do anything. The quality of life has changed so quickly, it is terrible.
Loren | Pasadena, TX
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