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Not an ideal place to live.
Star Rating - 9/6/2019
I’ve lived in Minnesota my whole life, 50+ years. The ONLY reason we’ve stayed, is for family, but that could be changing in the near future. There are WAY too many cloudy and rainy days, which makes it depressing. The humidity is always at 50% and higher, very uncomfortable and bad for the hair. There is WAY to much diversity, and it’s a very liberal place to live.
Amy | Roseville, MN
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Too much diversity? In... Roseville? It's amazing that people come right out and say this stuff.
Bartholomew | Minneapolis, MN | Report Abuse

Yeah you sound like a southern KKK member living in Minnesota...try moving to Alabama some place...oh wait; they won't like you're a northern Yankee so guess you're SOL
Corey | Chicago, IL | Report Abuse

For starters, you live in ROSEVILLE so why don't you leave a review for that town and leave our wonderful, beautiful, liberal, diverse city alone. Second - your racism is showing! I'm sure there are plenty less diverse, conservative places for you to live with high poverty, poor education, high rates of meth use, and poor infrastructure!
Jennifer | Minneapolis, MN | Report Abuse

Hey, why everybody be bullying Amy for her comments? Minneapolis sounds horrible; high humidity that is tough for the hair????! Not sure how she puts up with that place! Amy, maybe you should diversify your hairdos.
Steven | Oconomowoc, WI | Report Abuse

You sound ignorant. I live 15 mins away from Roseville and it's predominately white, hell the whole state of Minnesota is predominately white. You're better off moving to a gated community in Vermont, I'm sure it'll expand your small mindset. The things people say are mind blowing.
Candice | Vadnais Heights, MN | Report Abuse

It’s like 80-85% white, and even more in Roseville. What are you shooting for? 100% white?
Elizabeth | Minneapolis, MN | Report Abuse
- 6/28/2021
Ope. Well hello there :)
Lived here since 2007. Great city. I would’ve gave it 5 stars but the winter weather ??. G...
Ajay | Minneapolis, MN | No Replies

- 5/22/2021
We play games better.. passive aggressive, or..?
It’s not Minnesota nice, it’s sardonic.. we know you’re full of **** but we will play alon...
Ang | Minneapolis, MN | 1 Reply

- 4/21/2021
Very livable!
I lived in Minneapolis (or St. Paul or Stillwater) for 20 years. Minneapolis is a very li...
Rachel | San Diego, CA | No Replies

- 2/26/2021
Well, it's the Midwest.....
Terrible city for transplants without family in the area. Minneapolis is superficially a f...
Jennie | Vancouver, WA | 5 Replies

- 2/5/2021
Best of the Midwest!
Minneapolis is my hometown. One would think that that would skew my review, but I actually...
Deb | Gurnee, IL | No Replies

- 1/11/2021
Decent & Underrated
I've only visited here, but at least half a dozen times and mostly for work. Minneapolis i...
Thomas | Redondo Beach, CA | No Replies

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