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An Interesting and tolerant place
Star Rating - 6/30/2010
First off I say tolerant cause when I was living here I was in my teenage years here and I am had a lot of anger Issues, First off the schools here literally offer every accommodation possible for people with special needs, one of the few places or only places that has a rock music box during lunch. Handy Middle School is the biggest middle school in the state or so they claim and they have a pool. This is a great place if you have lived in a small town most your life or a country setting town POP only a few hundred or several thousand but not so great and you will probably be bored to death if you have lived in East Lansing or Ann Arbor, or some of the other towns that are more progressive culturally (like the arts, festivals, bands preforming downtown, a lot of ethnic restraunts, etc) and have more job opportunities and more to do.

The people here are very nice and tolerant (though in general somewhat conservative) you will find a lot of polish people and culture here as well.
If you are mature here you will find in general people will accept you for who you are but some of the teenagers and younger people tend to be less tolerant and like to make fun of people.

Some Cool places to check out here are:
Cass Ave near the end of the river where the old bridge was taken out.

It is totally cool at middle ground island ride your bike down evergreen st you can get there by going across Lafayette bridge in the middle its really worth it.

Check out Linkin St Trails a secret hang out along linkin street near freemont Ave just go along linkin until you see the path across the grass or field I cant remember.

There are plenty of cool places in Bay City I can't dis this place at all while I would find it a little boring and hard getting used to living there again since, I am used to cities now over three times its size I would love to and probably will visit it again someday.

Good luck over all its a great place.

Oh and one other secret the park going up along the river past Lafayette st that looks new is where the old abandon houses were that I used to go into and explore it was like a whole block almost of abandon houses so the city is doing a good job keeping its neighborhoods up.

Wesley | Waverly, MI
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