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Eureka Springs - livin here
Star Rating - 8/12/2015
Visited as tourists since 1980. Bought a victorian here in 2015. Thought this was awesome. Turned out awesome on the negative scale. House that old certainly needs work (built in 1880). My dad told me always to hire a professional. He was right.

Victorians need a lot of paint normally. 5-10 years a redo is necessary. And, if you change the color, you get to go in front of the city and plead your case. Their charter is to retain as much as possible the actual "look" of your house. Tourist interest you know. Oh, my, I have major work to get done to the house...what ever do I do?

There are many folk that do such work in the town. Problem is, they must be licensed by the city. And, for any work outside a home on the historical route, they must obtain permits to perform same. I have had crews do work for me only to have them demo, then split, only to find they were not licensed or pulled permits...then the inspector will show up and determine what ever fine is proper! It is a sad state of affairs. Culture of this place is greed and money foremost, not respect for people or thought or caring. Alcohol use and meth are a factor in some of the crews. Oh, they do excellent work right off!, then it is 'oh sir we found this and that which needs repair, too'. Pay them in part, and most likely I found, they disappear.

My victorian...haunted! Yea, as most are around here! If that is your thing. Mine seems to be benign, but from my dog's behavior, I know there is something here; however, I have yet to pick up anything on my K2 meter or digity recorder.

If you are a resident of the town, you get 10% off anything you purchase in town.

The only real grocery in town is Hart's. Their prices are higher than girafee's ass. Take a drive over to Berryville (10 miles) and check out the WalMart.

Parking is a premium in this town. My victorian only had a space for one car. If you are considering buying, parking spots are a concern. I got this house with stars in my eyes, only to discover later, I get to park 3 blocks away because we only have 1 space and that is for my wife.

Steps are a concern. It may be fun for a while, like stink on a skunk, then it gets old really quick. Like, medical stink. If you are reading this and are a youngster, think hard and long....

But, I still love this place :)

Mada | Eureka Springs, AR
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