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living in Eureka Springs
Star Rating - 9/15/2011
Can anyone tell me what it is really like living there? Thank you...
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The problem vis-a-vis low visitor turnout is caused solely by the incompetence of the "executive director" of our City Adertising and Promotion Commission, a certain Mike Maloney (known affecionately to local business people as Baloney), who is entirely inept. Nothing will improve until he is dismissed.
George | Eureka Springs, AR | Report Abuse

Every time I go through there something else is shut down and offered for sale. Now the passion play has stopped because they attendance has been down over the last twenty years. Eureka Springs may be charming but not enough people care to go there. It's becoming a ghost town.
Mark | Fort Smith, AR | Report Abuse
- 8/12/2015
Eureka Springs - livin here
Visited as tourists since 1980. Bought a victorian here in 2015. Thought this was awesome....
Mada | Eureka Springs, AR | 1 Reply

- 10/1/2012
same sex couples
My girlfriend and I are planning to relocate to the area. Is the area accepting of same-s...
Kali | Ogden, UT | 2 Replies

- 9/15/2011
living in ES?
Can anyone tell me the reality of living there? Artist/musician would like to know~thanks!...
IDaveZ | Hendersonville, NC | No Replies

- 6/30/2011
The Most Charming City
We travel a lot and find few places that are as Charming as Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It ...
Rebecca | Eureka Springs, AR | No Replies

- 6/27/2009
I Love Eureka Springs
I have been 3 times now over a span of 10 years. Little has changed about the place. It h...
Michelle | South Hutchinson, KS | No Replies

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