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same sex couples
Star Rating - 10/1/2012
My girlfriend and I are planning to relocate to the area. Is the area accepting of same-sex couples? Thanks! - Kali
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Assume you're here by now, dykin' it up! Welcome to the club!
George | Eureka Springs, AR | Report Abuse

My husband of 25 years and I own a second home here, and we find it VERY inclusive and welcoming. We think you'll love it in Eureka Springs!
Matt | Oklahoma City, OK | Report Abuse
- 8/12/2015
Eureka Springs - livin here
Visited as tourists since 1980. Bought a victorian here in 2015. Thought this was awesome....
Mada | Eureka Springs, AR | 1 Reply

- 9/15/2011
living in Eureka Springs
Can anyone tell me what it is really like living there? Thank you......
IDaveZ | Hendersonville, NC | 2 Replies

- 9/15/2011
living in ES?
Can anyone tell me the reality of living there? Artist/musician would like to know~thanks!...
IDaveZ | Hendersonville, NC | No Replies

- 6/30/2011
The Most Charming City
We travel a lot and find few places that are as Charming as Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It ...
Rebecca | Eureka Springs, AR | No Replies

- 6/27/2009
I Love Eureka Springs
I have been 3 times now over a span of 10 years. Little has changed about the place. It h...
Michelle | South Hutchinson, KS | No Replies

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