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Very boring, poor, uneventful, empty!
Star Rating - 3/30/2007
I have lived in Mount Airy for the past 14 years and hate it here. There is nothing here to offer anyone, unless you are over the age of 75 and enjoy doing absolutely nothing in your spare time. There are NO jobs here unless you want to work in the food/restaurant industry. People here are mostly overweight because the main activity enjoyed here is eating. People here are very close-minded and not open to diversity or anything out of their small town comfort zone. Most of the people I know have quite a commute to and from their jobs. There is not much of a variety of stores/shopping either...Wal Mart is always extremely crowded and I dread going there. I cant wait to get out of this town and am planning on doing so in the very near future.
Abhd | Statesville, NC
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Perhaps you should return to where things are more "civilized". You know, where "gangtas" (diversity) rule.
John | Tallahassee, FL

Sometimes BORING is GOOD! Slow down in life...enjoy life, because pretty soon, life will be over! Shopping? So what if you have to travel! That's what happens when you live in Small Town, USA! My son lives an hour away from shopping (in the country in Maine) and he has four kids and they LOVE IT! Who wants to live by stores all the time anyway? I would LOVE to live by the woods, lakes, and quiet and I'm nowhere near 75 years old (see my picture). I would LOVE to sit and watch nature; better than rush, rush, rush all the time and keep my heart thisclose to a heart attack!
Marlene | Brick, NJ
- 8/23/2012
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